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OLEOFLOOR NATURAL - High performance waterborne matt oil finish Ideal on bare wood or previously oiled surfaces. Intense usage formula. Water repellent. Easy application – Fast drying



OLEOFLOOR CLASSIC - High performance waterborne matt oil finish Excellent penetration. Nourishes the wood. Quick drying - Pleasant odour. Non greasy – Non-slip. Easy to apply. Quick drying. Does not require buffing or heavy and expensive application equipment.



PRIMAFLOOR - Primer and/or stain the wood before finishing Acrylic primer for new unfinished and stripped wooden floors. Strengthens the adhesion of the finish and guarantees better performance Prevents glueing of sides and joints by the finish Ready to use. Quick drying. Odourless Range of 6 colours plus clear Light fast – Colours do not fade. Clear - Non yellowing Colours can be inter-mixed to achieve the desired colour Prevents tannin bleed from those woods rich in tannins and natural oils Compatible with all types of waterborne floor varnish (1pk and 2pk)



VEGAFLOOR - Waterborne high performance varnish. Polyurethane resin varnish. Non-slip. Easy to use on all woods. Excellent scratch resistance. Excellent mechanical and chemical resistance. Colourless, non-yellowing and resistant to light. Enhances and protects staircases, parquet flooring and veneered flooring. Ideal for - Bedrooms, Lounges, Corridors, Stairs, Kitchens, Bathrooms...



CDKP 90 - Powerful multi purpose stripper Ready to use gel formula – non drip. Eliminates the need for sandblasting. Does not contain acid, caustic soda or potash. Will not blacken the wood (tannin reaction). Leaves stripped surfaces in sound condition (except plastics). Dissolves carpet glues for easy removal



SOAPCLEAN - Special floor cleaner for varnished and oiled floors Easy to use – Ideal for everyday cleaning Specialy formulated for varnished and oiled wood flooring Also cleans traditional lacquered and pre-finished wooden floors, laminated, veneered, melamine and vinyl flooring Smear free – Non slip – Pleasant odour



SPACENETT - Powerful professional cleaner Quick and easy to use. Odourless Water-based Removes the accumulation of wax, grease and ground in dirt Restores the finish of varnished and oiled wooden floors Always follow with an application of POLISHFLOOR



POLISHFLOOR - Polish for finished Wooden floors Water-based Quick and easy to use Transparent. Odourless. Non-yellowing Maintenance and protection for finished wood floors Leaves a protective film on the surface to prevent wear of the finish Reinforces the sheen and enhances the colour


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