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DEKS OLJE D1 - Saturating Wood Oil for Interior and Exterior Tropical Woods Saturates, protects and stabilises both oily and dense tropical timbers. Clear matt finish. Non-film forming. Does not blacken. Prevents moisture ingress. Ideal for areas subject to abrasion. Easy maintenance - no sanding or stripping.



DEKS OLJE D2 - High gloss oil varnish interior and exterior High gloss finish, for application after using Deks Olje® D1. Flexes and moves with the wood - Will not craze or blister. No sanding between coats. Tough, flexible and durable. Easy to maintain - can be patch repaired.



TEXTROL - Penetrating oil finish for exterior woods Ideal for softwood and hardwoods Non film forming: D oes not crack, peel or flake. Protects against moisture and UV damage Horizontal and V ertical surfaces: decking, cladding, outdoor furniture, roofs. Easy one coat maintenance - no stripping or sanding.



AQUADECKS - Waterborne saturing finish for all woods interior and exterior Can be applied on new or weathered wood. Provides a matt finish that accentuates the beauty of wood. Premium UV absorbing transoxide pigments. Provides a long lasting finish. Easy application and easy cleanup with soap and water.



TEAK-OLJE - Oil for teak - Interior and exterior For Teak and other exotic woods Ideal for garden and interior furniture, except Keruing. Protects and nourishes the wood. Maintains and enhances the wood's natural beauty. Gives a rich, matt finish. Will not blacken due to UV rays.



AQUANETT - Wood oil cleaner Removes Teak and other oils from all woods blackened by UV rays. Fast Acting. Water washable - Oils are dissolved in water. Removes the Millglaze created in the manufacturing process from the surface of new wood Improves the penetration and bonding of a finish. Strips stains from composite wood.



NET-TROL - Wood cleaner & Colour restorer Restores greyed, weathered wood to it's original colour. Non-aggressive - harmless to plants, shrubs and surface being cleaned. Cleans and rejuvenates, plastic, gel coat, stone, cement Eliminates staining etc caused by mould, pollution, rust... Removes rust stains from cement, wood. Neutralises surface after stripping.



ANTIGLISS - Anti-slip protection for wood Lasting protection and decoration for slippery wooden surfaces. Excellent UV and weather resistance Prevents wood greying. Contains anti-slip polypropylene wax microbeads Easy application



SEASONITE - Protection for all new exterior softwoods Stabilises and protects the wood during it's first year of weathering. Essential for pressure treated softwoods. Minimises splitting, warping, cracking and cupping. Allows woods pores to open naturally whilst protecting against too much moisture ingress. Keeps new wood looking new longer - slows the greying process. Easy to use - Convenient one-coat application. Horizontal / vertical surfaces.



SOLID COLOR STAIN - Opaque wood finish for outdoor woods horizontal and vertical Matt finish. Excellent adhesion - Long lasting performance. Resists peeling, cracking and flaking. Based on acrylic resins. Decking, cladding, masonry, outdoor furniture…



DILUNETT - Solvent free paint remover for all surfaces Simply strip by rinsing with water. Gel consistency - Will not run - Ideal for vertical surfaces. Does not dry. Long active work time - up to 12 hours Makes paint soluble with water Ideal for ornate or difficult to strip items



COMPO-CLEAN - Cleaner degreaser for composite woods Waterbased - Environmentally friendly. Removes surface and ground in dirt. Fast acting - from 5 minutes depending on the condition of the surface being cleaned. Gel formula - Does not run. Easy to apply. Does not contain solvents or paraffin. Will not attack plastic pool liners, stone, glass... See the product information


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